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I'm very lazy

I'm lazy and tired, but anyway, this is a good reason to making you more sarcastic as the way you did

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Hello there!

I'm Kenneth Obsequio, currently a freshman student at Quezon City University. I've been studying to understand digital world for four years, beginning in 2018. Someone told me to explore everything about the digital world, so my Grade 8 TLE teacher advised us on where we should go. She demonstrates how to make a decision to choose a typical field. that part of the digital world.

After thinking, we made a decision to choose our career field, including paths. So I choose website development, and thus my professional journey begins:studying Sorting things out is difficult, and you need a method to understand every concept from start to finish. programming, including problem-solving and understanding the fundamentals of your preferred programming language, how to deploy your project, and so on; So in those particular scenarios You will understand how frustrating this is.On the other hand, you should be able to understand everything fundamentally and logically.

My Projects

So this is my project I've been made within my learning progress

For my end marks

After knowing who I am in the simple characteristics of my life, the people who tend to read this will know that I am not a developer I am a problem-solver because one of the major jobs of being a programmer is to find solutions for people. that's why they develop many things to contribute as well for the modern world as usual they compose their own ideas to solve every problems.

And also, I didn't become a coder just to sort up my number. of salaries that I've made. However, it's still about our discipline. If you really do your part, You will be successful even if you inherited a lot of negative traits from others.After all I just want to live normally and have a better life.